Our Staff

Western Heights High School employs over 120 people, including full and part-time teaching staff, and administration and caretaking teams.  Our record of success in the NZQA Scholarship exams is testament to the strength of our teaching staff and confirmation that the level of education we offer is comparable to the very best in the country.

Senior Leadership Team

  • James Bracefield
    James Bracefield Principal
  • Lyn Henshilwood
    Lyn Henshilwood Deputy Principal
  • Ben Prangnell
    Ben Prangnell Deputy Principal
  • Wiremu Shuker
    Wiremu Shuker Deputy Principal
  • Manu Scott
    Manu Scott Assistant Principal

Head of Faculty

  • Tomás Renna
    Tomás Renna Languages and Matakoa
  • Aimee Perry
    Aimee Perry Maths
  • Phil Bulkeley
    Phil Bulkeley Technology
  • Tukura Tahi
    Tukura Tahi Te Akoranga Reo Rua
  • Nathan Ward
    Nathan Ward Social Sciences
  • Mark Tiedt
    Mark Tiedt Science
  • Paora Morrison
    Paora Morrison Physical Education and Health
  • Sonia Irwin
    Sonia Irwin English

Head of House

  • Curtis Hemana
    Curtis Hemana Waiporoporo
  • Wendy Hague
    Wendy Hague Waiporoporo
  • Shannon Wrigley
    Shannon Wrigley Pounamu
  • Emma Cooper
    Emma Cooper Pounamu
  • Tina Moke
    Tina Moke Miro
  • Nathan Lynch
    Nathan Lynch Miro
  • Jane Bowman
    Jane Bowman Kowhai
  • Eugene Bogun
    Eugene Bogun Kowhai
  • Te Ao Tahana Prangnell
    Te Ao Tahana Prangnell Awa
  • Reuben Lane
    Reuben Lane Awa

Achievement Pathway Mentor

  • Jade Lockwood
    Jade Lockwood Junior School
  • Mary Hamill
    Mary Hamill Year 12
  • Jane Bowman
    Jane Bowman Year 11

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